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Family governance advisory

A robust family governance framework is essential for creating a legacy across generations. We can help your family build a common purpose, identity and vision for the continuity of your family values, businesses and wealth.

Uniting the family

Family governance helps build a legacy across generations, by providing a coherent plan for sustaining family harmony as well as prosperity.

Family governance is a process, not an event. Through active, facilitated dialogue, it provides a way of sharing common values at the heart of the family’s success, developing a common vision, purpose and identity. It lays down guidelines for ownership, control and management, so as to reduce potential conflicts of interest.

We help your family build a legacy across generations, by providing a coherent plan for sustaining family harmony as well as prosperity.

Involving each generation

Our family governance teams work with families across the generations. We explore continuity planning, conflict management and succession planning through a range of meetings and workshops, enabling you to find the best practical solution.

We also help with implementation. For example, we can work with you to develop a governance framework, as well as agreeing and establishing protocols.

Setting out the ground rules

Whatever your challenges and aspirations, there are common governance issues you’ll need to address:

  • The succession of the family’s core values
  • Developing a common purpose
  • Ownership, control and decision-making over the longer term
  • Family Business succession
  • Planning for a family business exit – before, during and after
  • The role of family and non-family members in the business
  • Philanthropic goals
  • Next Generation development

Family governance protocols are an effective way to manage many of the issues, including conflict mediation and resolution, entitlement to shares in the family business, board representation, family employment policies, valuation methods and exit options.

If you already have ownership structures and governance processes in place, and even if these have sustained your family for generations, you’ll still need to maintain and adapt your governance to secure ongoing growth under changing circumstances.

A holistic approach

Every day we work with successful business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the globe. We understand what it feels like to be responsible for a business and a family, how the two are intertwined, and how you need to balance the needs of one with the other.

We recognise that the balance is in constant motion, as your business, your family and the world itself evolves. No matter how alarming change can be, we can help you manage and maintain continuity in times of change.

Our approach brings together family governance, wealth and succession planning, and philanthropy services, enabling you to address different aspects of family wealth in a comprehensive way.

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