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Margin trading facilities

Margin trading facilities can support your long term investment strategy by providing leverage, amplifying your exposure to financial products. With our global presence and active involvement in the market, we can connect you with a wide range of margin trading strategies and opportunities.

Margin trading facilities are specifically set up to enable you to trade derivatives and foreign exchange. We are able to offer a broad range of solutions to help you achieve your goals. HSBC trades derivatives in many international and local equity, credit, currency and interest rate markets and a spectrum of commodities.

Once the margin line is established, you will be able to trade a wide variety of financial products, including:

  • Options
  • Swaps
  • Futures
  • Forwards

If your initial margin declines, you may be required to deposit additional cash or securities in order to reinstate your initial margin requirement.

Leverage our expertise, products and global network as you explore the derivatives market.

Features of margin trading facilities

Margin trading facilities enable you to:

  • Using margin to leverage your investments and potentially increase the returns. However please note that using leverage also has the potential to amplify losses
  • With limited cash, allows you to control a much larger notional amount
  • Trading flexibility - Allows you to take advantage of timely market opportunities
  • Repayment flexibility. There is no set repayment schedule as long as you maintain the required level of equity in your account
  • Customise your exposure to a variety of asset classes
  • Hedge specific risks, including those related to interest rates, equity and foreign exchange
  • Manage your floating rate liability and protect the value of your assets against rising interest rates

Our clients rely on us to anticipate their financial needs and add value in an increasingly complex world. Your Relationship Manager can work with you to explore whether structured investments are appropriate for your portfolio.

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